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Artificial Intelligence MSc Courses Queen’s University Belfast

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Artificial intelligence AI data specialist level 7

ai engineer degree

We will consider students who have taken GCE A Level examinations or the International Baccalaureate for entrance to onto our undergraduate programmes. Holders of the Al-Thanawiyan are not normally eligible for direct entry onto an undergraduate course without completion of a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our own foundation pathways. Holders of the Baccalauréat de l’Enseignement Secondaire (School Certificate) are not normally eligible for direct entry onto our undergraduate programmes without completion of a suitable foundation programme, such as one of our foundation pathways. In your first and second year you will study a range of compulsory modules which will enable you to gain a solid understanding in the fields of computer science and Artificial Intelligence. You will take part in an AI-related team project in your second year that will require you to combine the design and implementation of state of the art AI algorithms with software engineering best practices. The individual project gives students the opportunity to gain both detailed knowledge and practical experience in a more focussed area than generally possible elsewhere in their degree programme.

At what age can I learn AI?

Thus, If you want your kid to be able to understand AI better way then 8+ years of age is most essential as during this time the Abstract Thinking in the child develops and the child is also able to grasp concepts more easily in this age.

It is possible to complete this programme of study without any additional costs. The programme covers the three themes of Data Management, User Experience and Web Technologies in the computing sector. Applicants require an Honours Degree (2.2 or above) or advanced qualification in Computer Science or cognate discipline from a UK University or recognised overseas institution or industrial experience in IT and an Honours Degree. Students’ work is assessed through a combination of coursework, portfolio, lab-based practical exams and written examinations. Our multi-award-winning work experience team has dedicated internship officers to help find the right work experience for you.

What can you do with a degree in AI?

As an undergraduate student at Staffordshire, you may be eligible for additional financial support through one of our scholarships and bursaries. Saeed has worked extensively with different industries for office and industrial automation. He has developed domain specific robots for sewer pipe inspection, education, entertainment, rescue, demining, rehabilitation, farming and metal industries. Explore our campus and facilities, find out more about the courses you’re interested in and connect with our lecturers and current students.

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A Study Found That AI Could Ace MIT. Three MIT Students Beg to ….

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These courses will prepare you for the interdisciplinary studies that form the Honours years curriculum. This unit introduces you to the notion of predictive modelling in machine learning from a practical, problem-solving perspective. You will gain an understanding of the fundamental topics of predictive tasks and will explore contemporary techniques for predictive modelling and model evaluation. They are employed in banking, production control and the stock market, as well as in scientific and engineering applications. For example, the Human Genome Project had the goal of mapping the sequence of chemical base pairs which make up human DNA. This module introduces the underlying principles of databases, database design and database systems.

Required subjects

The third year will enhance the knowledge of dynamics and system theory through the study simulation, control, dynamics and communications, which are crucial in the study of robotics. You will study advanced programming and software engineering as the basis for the artificial ai engineer degree intelligence theme. In addition you will study power engineering and electromagnetic compatibility which are essential for any robotic system. A degree typically comprises 360 credits, a DipHE 240 credits, a CertHE 120 credits, and an integrated masters 480 credits.

ai engineer degree

Students who are eligible and successfully complete a Pathways to Birmingham programme will receive special consideration from admissions tutors and an alternative offer (typically two grades below the standard offer). In addition, our Contextual Offer Scheme recognises the potential of students whose personal circumstances may have restricted achievement in school or college. If you are eligible to benefit from the contextual offer scheme, you will receive an offer which is one grade lower than the standard offer. Students holding the Cambridge Higher School Certificate (HSC) or ZIMSEC A Levels will be considered for entrance to undergraduate programmes. As a reminder you don’t need to have completed all of these tests to apply through UCAS. Alternatively students who have also taken SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and AP (Advanced Placement) tests will be considered for admission to Bachelor degree programmes.

This module provides the theory and practice of knowledge representation and reasoning, also presenting cutting-edge technologies, libraries and tools. At the end of the course students will be able to design, implement and evaluate knowledge-intensive AI systems. This course will allow students to use cutting-edge AI technologies to investigate the creation and application of AI systems. Artificial intelligence has helped solve complex practical problems such as driving a car, translating text from/to different languages, understanding and answering questions, and playing games such as chess and Go.

ai engineer degree

The Nucleus building is a new shared learning, teaching and social hub, built to a sustainable and environmentally efficient design. Year 4 includes an individual honours project and you will develop a viable project starting from a given topic. You will have a variety of choices in selecting your topic, with a supervisor ai engineer degree to guide you. Your studies will become more focused and you will have more choice in selecting specialised courses. We offer a range of options specific to artificial intelligence and other courses in informatics. The School of Informatics does not accept applications for second year entry to our programmes.

Group Design Project

Regardless of your nationality or country of residence, you must demonstrate a level of English language competency at a level that will enable you to succeed in your studies. You can also choose option courses from various schools across the University. AI graduates go into fields such as entertainment, healthcare, finance, commerce, manufacturing and education, working for employers like Microsoft, IBM, BAE Systems, EA Electronic Arts and the Walt Disney Company. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the study and creation of systems that make decisions and solve problems as the human mind does. To find out about scholarships, bursaries and other funding opportunities that are available please visit our Scholarships and Bursaries section.

  • All essential text books are available from the library, but some students chose to purchase their own copies.
  • There is a widening demand and supply gap for AI skills, with a significant increase in online AI and Data Science vacancies.
  • As you progress on the module, extra support will be available and this may take the form of group seminars, workshops and online materials that will help to develop your project.
  • It combines problem-solving skills, practical skills like programming, and specialist knowledge on tools and techniques for creating smart algorithms and software.
  • Applicants are advised to contact their Faculty Admissions Office for more information.

Our teaching is informed by research, and modules change periodically to reflect developments in the discipline. If for any reason a module cannot be run we will advise you as soon as possible and will provide guidance on selecting an appropriate alternative module. In your final year you will specialise in expert-level modules, covering robotic vision programming and synthetic drone modelling with skin design. In addition you’ll create an industrial standard project, negotiated between yourself and your course leader, that incorporates the specialist knowledge you have attained during the course.

Fees & Funding

Access is available to modern technical facilities including computer, electronics, and power and control laboratories where you’ll work on your experiments. The latest industry standard engineering software packages are available for you to use in dedicated computer clusters. They can look forward to well-paid professional careers designing and building the digital technologies that underpin the global economy and, indeed, every aspect of human activity from recreation through healthcare to business and the natural environment.

ai engineer degree

Is AI engineer a good career?

AI specialists often enjoy higher-than-average salaries and excellent career growth prospects. Broad Range of Applications: AI has a wide range of applications, making it a versatile career path.

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