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Our Mission

Danville Notary Public is committed to maintaining and setting new standards in the industry. Our professional reputation delivers on-site services or mobile services to your location. We are a local company here in Danville. Our team of trained and proficient notary agents has created a service catering to each client’s specific needs. We serve many clients within Hendricks County & the Metro Indianapolis area.

Who we are & What is a Notary Public?
We are officials of integrity appointed by Indiana Secretary of State to serve you, the public as an impartial witness in performing a variety of official fraud-deterrent acts related to the signing of important documents.

When Do You Need a Notary?
You may need a notary when you write a will or name a power of attorney, or for certain bank documents or medical records. The party accepting the documents will let you know if a notary is needed. Notarizations are commonly part of business in local government, legal proceedings and when an official is sworn in.

What Are the Duties of a Notary?
As an official witness of a state, a notary helps prevent fraud. By witnessing the signing of documents or administering oaths, we are here to make sure you are willing, and all tasks are carried out properly.

  1. Administering oaths and affirmations during court proceedings and when officials are sworn into office.
  2. Maintaining proper records of their activities as mandated by their state.
  3. Taking depositions and affidavits if they have that specialty.
  4. Performing marriage ceremonies in states where that is permitted.

What Is the Notarization Process?
Here’s what to expect in notarial signing:

  1. The parties involved must be together in person.
  2. The document is reviewed to ensure it explains the type of notarization required and conforms to the state’s requirements.
  3. We will verify the identity of the signers. How does a notary identify a signer? We can rely on personal knowledge, identification documents or a credible witness who can vouch for a person’s identity.

What Should I Bring with Me to Meet with the Notary?
When we meet you should have the following things with you:

  1. Your government-issued ID.
  2. The unsigned documents: you’ll need to sign them with the notary present.
  3. The money to pay the fee, if charged.

What is our mission?
Acting with Integrity, we will provide honest, dependable & professional notarial services.

We offer notarization of the following documents:

Will and Trusts
Child Custody Documents
Adoption Documents
Divorce Documents
Degree and Qualification Documents
Acknowledgment Statement
Affidavit and Oath
Apostille Certificate
Certified Copy
Auto Loan Purchase
Power of Attorney
Property Registration
Shipping Documents
International Documents

Land Transfer Documents

Home Purchase & Title Documents